Vibe Scout

Friction Reduction Tool

Vibe Scout is a downhole tool designed to improve drilling efficiency by overcoming common drilling dysfunctions associated with high torque and drag, poor weight transfer, stick-slip, drill string excitation, and poor tool-face control.  All of these factors can result in excessive energy losses throughout the drill string, particularly in extended reach wells.  The Vibe Scout generates high-frequency pressure pulses as a means of inducing additional energy to the drill string and BHA resulting in improved drilling performance and increased ROP.


  • Wells where high torque and drag is limiting performance
  • Wells with poor weight transfer


  • Improved weight transfer
  • Improved toolface control
  • Increased penetration rates
  • Reduced stick-slip
  • No interference with MWD signal


Consistent frequency and amplitude through vertical, curve and lateral.



Vibe Scout can be embedded with CuBIC drilling dynamics sensors for post-run performance verification. See CuBIC under product offerings.

View IADC/SPE paper 178792-MS for more information on the Vibe Scout.

VBS-650 Vibe Scout 03 shorten02

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