Turbo Scout


A platform designed motor with interchangeable lower ends.


  • All wells currently drilled with PDM or Powered RSS


  • Proven motor platform available in the following configurations:
    • Diamond mud lubricated bearings
    • Ball and race mud lubricated bearings
    • Oil sealed bearings
  • 100% sealed (no-bypass) pin down for RSS applications
  • Variety of bit to bend lengths available
  • Large mandrel diameter
  • High torque transmission
  • Replaceable wear pad on fixed bend
  • Mandrel and rotor catch


Reliable and proven design has lead to numerous pacesetter wells drilled worldwide.

First and only steerable motor with embedded drilling dynamics sensors in bit box and top sub. See CuBIC and DATAM under product offerings.

GRA-962 WITH CUBIC 01 smaller

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