Unmanned MWD System

The Unmanned Recon Scout MWD offers a robust solution to lower cost without compromising quality.

The complexity of setting up the Recon Scout system is handled in a controlled environment following a strict protocol that eliminates variability inherent to field operations. HSE is improved by minimizing personnel onsite and simplifying the BHA assembly.

The Recon Scout system can be used to steer mud motors with both magnetic and gravity toolfaces, and is well suited to work in vertical drilling applications. Gamma ray logging is also an option. Six axes raw surveys are available as well as drilling mechanics (Vibration, Shock and Stick-Slip). Lastly, the tool can be reconfigured downhole using a reliable rotation downlink method.

Three levels of service are available:

Unmanned Level 1 (EDR Based Decoding System) – Rig Drillers are in full control (24x7 remote support available)

Unmanned Level 2 (Scout’s Decoding System) – Rig Drillers are also in control and decoding is performed using SDI’s computer and software (allows for drilling mechanics data; 24x7 remote support available)

Unmanned Level 3 (Scout’s Remote MWD) – Remote MWD gamma logging (no MWD personnel onsite)

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