Steady Scout Steady Scout


Steady Scout® is designed to be incorporated into the BHA to improve drilling performance and extend bit life by reducing the peak RPMs that are experienced during stick-slip. It reacts to changes in the internal drill string pressure to keep a consistent weight and pressure. This increases the time with bit-on-bottom for a consistent depth of cut, leading to a smoother wellbore.

Using Steady Scout results in significant cost reductions through improved bit life, better drilling performance, and reduced damage to drill string components.


  • All PDM/PDC applications
  • All well profiles (vertical, tangent, curve and lateral)
  • Areas of stick-slip, poor tool control, and bit DBR


  • Stick-slip management
  • Reduced shock and vibration
  • Improved ROP in rotary and slide modes
  • Consistent tool face control
  • Extends bit and BHA component life
  • Can be fitted with CuBIC® drilling dynamics sensors from Sanvean Technologies
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PERFORMANCE as seen from CuBIC Data

CuBIC° drilling dynamics sensors from Sanvean Technologies are embedded within Steady Scout for post-run performance verification.