Drilling Dynamics Data Recorder

CuBIC° is a new generation compact drilling dynamics data recorder designed to be embedded into existing drilling tools at any point within the BHA to provide shock, vibration, rotation and
temperature measurements for drilling dynamics analysis,  failure identification, and condition-based monitoring.


  • Cost-effective design for utilization on every well
  • Drilling tool failure root cause identification
  • Bit MSE and UCS computation using “at-point” downhole measurements
  • Identification of high-frequency torsional oscillations
  • String and at-bit carrier sub options available


  • Eliminate anecdotal and opinionated decisions – make decisions based on real downhole facts
  • Cost effective – designed to run in every BHA
  • No additional length or connections – embedded into existing drilling tools
  • Drilling dynamics measurements can be placed at “points of interest” in BHA
  • Transparent to rig operations – triggers to start logging when picked up to rig floor (no field personnel required)
  • Downhole data sets are time merged with surface data (EDR) and delivered to Drilling Engineer with GameChanger Viewer


  • Provides 3-axis drilling dynamics measurements at-bit, in-BHA and along-string
  • Lateral and axial shock and vibration, RPM and temperature
  • Vibration frequency spectrum visualization

GameChanger Viewer

GameChanger Viewer is a PC-based drilling dynamics log viewing package. The package has been designed for quick and easy viewing of CuBIC, CuBIC PuK and EDR data. GameChanger Viewer makes data analysis easier by allowing zoom in and out of the tracks and traces.

The example below illustrates a typical data-set from GameChanger Viewer.


CuBIC and CuBIC PuK can be embedded into all Scout Downhole products.


CuBIC and CuBIC PuK can also be mounted in carrier subs for placement anywhere in the BHA and string.

More information on accelerating the learning curve with CuBIC.

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