Rotary Steerable Scout

Press Release March 7th 2018

The new Rotary Steerable Scout (RSS) from Scout Downhole® is designed specifically for North America high-volume shale drilling.  The RSS is capable of drilling vertical, nudge, tangent and lateral well profiles with continuous rotation from surface. Built on the proven mechanical Vertical Scout® platform, latest generation measurement and control electronics developed by Sanvean Technologies® have been embedded into the RSS to deliver precise steering control.

The new electronic control module with a digital mud valve (patent pending) is housed in a slow-rotating housing for isolation from high shock, vibration, stick-slip and torsional oscillations. Rotary Steerable Scout is fully mud operated, making the system simple to operate and fast to service.

Magnetic and gravity tool face along with closed-loop inclination and azimuth hold modes make the Rotary Steerable Scout ideal for pad drilling. Available in 9 5/8” and 7 1/8” tool sizes for 12 ¼”, 8 ¾” and 8 ½” wellbores, the system provides precision steering, high-quality wellbore and superior ROP performance.

Rotary Steerable Scout can be powered with a Scout Downhole performance motor (Turbo Scout®). Sanvean Technologies’ CuBIC® drilling dynamics data recorders can be embedded into the RSS and Turbo Scout to deliver “at-point” drilling dynamics measurements (at-bit and distributed throughout lower BHA) to fully understand downhole drilling conditions. Systematic performance improvements can be achieved in the harsher drilling basins by “Road Mapping” drilling dynamics data to attain maximum and repeatable performance.

Please contact Scout Downhole for more information on the latest rotary steerable technology for North America shale drilling.

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