Steady Scout

Stick-Slip Management Tool

Steady Scout is designed to be incorporated into the BHA to improve drilling performance and extend bit life by reducing the peak RPMs that are experienced during stick-slip.  It reacts to changes in the internal drill string pressure to keep a consistent weight and pressure.  This increases the time with bit-on-bottom for a consistent depth of cut, leading to a smoother wellbore.  


  • Designed to run in conjunction with a PDC bit and positive displacement motor in conventional or Rotary Steerable BHAs
  • All well profiles (vertical, tangent, curve and lateral)


  • Reduced NPT
  • Reduced shock and vibration
  • Improved ROP in rotary and slide modes
  • Extended bit life
  • Enhanced tool face control
  • Also extends the life of the Power Section and MWD tool


CuBIC° drilling dynamics sensors are embedded within Steady Scout for post-run performance verification. See CuBIC under product offerings.

View AADE-17-NTCE-076 and IADC/SPE paper 178818-MS for further info on the Steady Scout.

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