CAMScout CAMScout

Compound Angle Mud Motor

CAMScout® is a patented compound angle motor that incorporates an internal tilted mandrel with a traditional low external bend housing to achieve high build rates. The external bend assists with steerability and toolface control while allowing the drill string to rotate at very high speeds.

Utilizing advanced bearing technology, and new manufacturing techniques, CAMScout was designed for vertical, curve, and lateral shale drilling applications. Various bend angles and stabilization options allow CAMScout to be configured specifically for the intended application.

CAMScout can also be embedded with CuBIC® sensors from Sanvean Technologies to record lateral and axial shock and vibration, string and bit RPM, as well as the temperature above and below the motor. CuBIC sensors also map drilling dynamics responses in different formations.


  • High-dogleg capability
  • Increased surface RPM
  • Neutral rotary build/drop tendency
  • Built on proven bearing technology and driveline components
  • Improved borehole quality
  • Reduced vibration
  • Can be embedded with CuBIC® drilling dynamic sensors which add no additional length or connections to the motor and can be used for condition-based monitoring and to enhance performance.
  • CuBIC eliminates anecdotal and opinionated decisions - make decisions based on downhole facts


CAMScout Compound Angle Motor Specifications