Rotary Steerable Assist Rotary Steerable Assist

Mud Motor Designed for Rotary Steerable Applications

Rotary Steerable Assistâ„¢ (RSA) is a mud motor designed for rotary steerable applications that incorporates high thrust capacity bearings in both on-bottom and off-bottom conditions for motor-assist rotary steerable drilling applications. The revolutionary sealing technology utilizes multiple active and redundant seals to ensure continuous sealing integrity with optimum reliability. This enables 100% of the drilling fluid to pass through the motor to the rotary steerable.


  • 100% flow through resulting in no loss of flow to rotary steerable systems
  • Ideal for mud operated rotary steerable applications
  • Robust design to withstand rotary steerable and MWD below the motor
  • High-torque drive line capable of handling higher stresses incurred from rotary steerable systems
  • Designed to reduce bending stress on BHA



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