Vibe Scout®BD Vibe Scout®BD

Activated Friction Reduction

Built upon the proven platform of the existing Vibe Scout® technology, Scout Downhole has developed an innovative feature that enables the system to be turned on by means of "ball drop activation."

With the implementation of this innovation, the "ball drop" system will be deemed dormant within the drill string until the time of activation.  The simple method of dropping a ball will result in a pressure drop across the tool which will be evident on the surface, indicating active operation.

At the point of activation, an increase in SPP will be observed and operational benefits will be evident instantaneously.  

Design & Operational Benefits:

  • Activation on Demand 
  • Utilizes the same platform as the current Vibe Scout
    • The design incorporates one modular sub implemented into the standard Vibe Scout platform
  • Robust ball catcher design, ensuring smooth flow diversion and reliable ball retention
  • Large diameter balls for robust and reliable sealing integrity
  • Can be run as a security measure
    • No need to trip specifically for friction reduction tool requirements
    • Can be used as a secondary tool in the string above a standard system

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