Data Analysis Technical Advantage Drilling Motors

At Turbo Drill we design motors that rise to the challenge because of their strength and reliability. They have been designed mechanically stronger than your average drilling motor,
enabling them to handle higher torque and increased weight on bit. And our DATAM motors take it one step further, by adding CuBIC° sensors that record drilling dynamics.        


  • Performance drilling
  • All wells where motor is pushed to the technical limit
  • Understanding dynamic dysfunctions that cause bit and motor damages


  • Robust U-joint to handle larger power sections
  • Increased relaiblity/reduced NPT
  • CuBIC embedded sensors add no additional length or connections
  • Eliminate anecdotal and opinionated decisions – make decisions based on real downhole facts
  • Understand temperature difference between bit and motor top sub
  • Transparent to rig operations – triggers to start logging when picked up to rig floor (no field personnel required)
  • Downhole data-sets are time merged with surface data (EDR) and delivered to Drilling Engineer with GameChanger Viewer


  • Provides 3-axis drilling dynamics measurements at-bit and top sub
  • Lateral and axial shock and vibration, RPM, and temperature
  • Vibration frequency spectrum visualization
Type of Dysfunction


Accelerate the learning curve utilizing at-point embedded sensors to understand downhole dysfunctions that reduce penetration rates and damage bits.

Example below illustrates how WOB affects string whirl and bit lateral shock.


View AADE-17-NTCE-077 and IADC/SPE paper 184738-MS for further info on DATAM.

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