High-Frequency Torsional Isolation Tool

Motor-driven rotary steerable bottom hole assemblies are particularly susceptible to HFTO damage due to the length of BHA equipment below the motor (i.e., RSS and MWD). BHA damage associated with HFTO has become a significant portion of costs to the operator while drilling shale wells in North America land.

The new HFTI tool from Scout Downhole has been designed to suppress the high-frequency vibrations associated with HFTO. The tool provides an isolation element that absorbs torsional, lateral, and axial dysfunction from BHA components to prolong equipment life.

The HFTI tool also includes CuBIC embedded sensors to measure the reduction in high-frequency downhole dynamics — providing isolation and dynamics measurements all in one package.


  • Reduces damage throughout the entire BHA
  • Reduces both torsional and axial high-frequency oscillations
  • Capable of reducing axial low-frequency oscillations
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